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    a note from chef

    Dear friends of Boulettes,

    Heath, whose enterprise Metes and Bounds, worked here at Boulettes several years ago as a cook. Heath and his family are important friends of Lori’s and mine and I would support anything he set his energies towards, even if not as completely charming and wonderful as his red bus Hugo, staged as a farm field kitchen, under the Northern California sky. We are very fortunate to live and work here, not to mention know all of each other and be able to avail ourselves of this magic. 

    I encourage you to set aside one summers evening and enjoy a field dinner cooked and staged by Heath’s Metes and Bounds.

    See you there, 
    Amaryll and Lori

    chef schwertner chosen as one of the top 100 contemporary chefs

    What if you were to ask the top 10 culinary icons in the world, chefs like Ferran Adrià, Mario Batali, Alice Waters and Alain Ducasse, to choose their favorite chefs?

    That just what Phaidon, the publishers of Coco: 10 World-Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs, did.

    We are proud to share that our very own Chef Amaryll Schwertner was nominated by Alice Waters and featured in the book! Here at b/L, we are all aware of her extraordinary talents and it is an honor for us to have her contribution recognized.

    The book has profiles of the 100 top chefs, photos of their work and a representative menu complete with recipes. If you are interested in buying Coco, it is available at Book Passages in the Ferry Building or online.

    Coco: 10 World-Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs

    Chef Chef Schwertner of Boulettes Larder

    we love you too, cakework!

    Hey Amaryll and Lori,

    Just want to let you know that friends of mine found your place while wandering the FB, and after having breakfast, they cannot stop talking about it. They are Israeli, live in Australia, and came here to exhibit at the Fancy Food Show. They know no one here. It’s their first time in SF and they kept getting sent to creepy places to see and to eat. I finally sent them to the FB just for a SF experience, which blew their mind, but their morning at Boulettes Larder made them so happy. They loved eating where the food was cooked. They loved the food. Seriously, it was last week and they are still talking about it. Thanks for offering such a cool look at SF.

    I hope all is going great for you and I hope to connect with you this year.

    Take care,

    thanks for the kind words

    Blogger Plain Jane visited us last we and had the nicest things to say.

    “Can’t get much better than this. (They believe in the Slow Food movement which also might explain why everything was so good as the food was in season and fresh.) My sister and I split the bl Vegetarian Salad (menu changes almost everyday) which consisted of arugula, delicata squash, quinoa, broccoli rabe, and a delicious dressing. I all but licked my plate. If I could have this everyday for lunch during the fall/winter I would. As if that was not enough I also got a dessert. My sister got a berry crumble of some kind which she absolutely loved, but I HAD to get the Almond Torte with poached quince and lemon cream. The flavors of this dessert were out of this world. Each item in-and-of-itself would have been amazing on its own but combined with was one of the best desserts I have ever eaten.

    So can you guess that I loved this place? I would got back here every time I am in SF and recommend that you go to. Of course they offer tons of meat dishes as the name “Boulettes Larder” does translate to “Store room for little meatballs” for those of you who eat meat.

    Read the full review here:

    I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed meal. Please introduce yourself the next time you vist.


    Lori and Amaryll