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Boulettes Larder
who is boulette...

... and what is a larder?

bou • lettes lar • der [boo-lets] [lahr-der]

– proper noun

1. a unique culinary experience.
2. a restaurant serving breakfast and lunch.
3. an intimate, private space for personal or business dinners.
4. a chef's kitchen providing elegant, prepared foods for private parties, corporate lunches and dinners for busy commuters.
5. a shop selling rare spices, hard to find pantry products, and other quality culinary ingredients.

2004; amer; from chef amaryll schwertner.

about boulettes larder : our vision

Boulettes Larder was opened in 2004 by Chef Amaryll Schwertner and business partner, Lori Regis, as a restaurant that also sells its ingredients for use in the home kitchen. Throughout her 30-year career, Chef Schwertner has authored the cuisine in seminal restaurants in the bay area. The daily changing menus at Boulettes Larder reflect her commitment to using conscientiously produced farmstead ingredients and applying her research and curiosity in pursuit of spices and artisan oils, vinegars and grains.

Chef Schwertner's menus include dishes layered with complex and original flavors from many regions including: Eastern and Western Europe, North Africa, Turkey, Greece and Japan.

Boulettes Larder has pioneered the idea of selling useful ingredients at play on the restaurant's menus. The purchasing of ingredients edited with the experience and discretion of Chef Schwertner has a broad audience.

Chef Schwertner has dedicated much of her life to researching the spices, salts, oils, and culinary products and processes that give each region its distinctive dishes and regional cuisine and subsequently has a deep knowledge of ingredients. Over the years she has developed an extensive archive of small production, traditionally produced products that are rarely available in the United States. It is these useful products, combined with the bounty of the Bay Area that give the plates at Boulettes Larder their acclaimed flavor and quality.

Boulettes Larder's warm open kitchen features a communal table where breakfast and lunch are served, stories shared and new friends are introduced. Evenings are reserved for intimate private dinners. The retail larder offers the ingredients for a well-stocked pantry as well as complete meals to enjoy at home.

Boulettes Larder is a Michelin destination restaurant where Chef Amaryll Schwertner's cooking reflects the diversity both of Northern California farms and fisheries as well as her interest in beautiful ingredients from afar.

She continues to change the offerings on the beautiful breakfast and lunch menus each day.

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about Boulibar

Boulibar is sighted at the main nave and south passageway in the Ferry Building Marketplace. Currently, we are open for lunch and dinner. We are serving casual wood-fired cuisine, cocktails, and delicate desserts.

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